About Us

Dorsey Group Homes offers welcoming shared-living spaces for unique populations that includes but are not limited to homeless adults, veterans, individuals with credit challenges, seniors (elderly) & victims of domestic violence. Being that our living spaces are drug and alcohol free, it helps us to further support our clients in regaining a sense of hope and focus as they transition into permanent housing.

We offer safe, stable and affordable housing solutions to those individuals looking forward to taking the next step toward independent living. Our operations team has a background in assisting adults who may find themselves in challenging life situations. We understand and are here to help. Each individual is welcomed into our shared-living spaces with open arms and we strive to see our clients succeed in their new life journeys. Serving Savannah, GA and surrounding communities. 

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Our Vision

To foster housing stability, life balance, and empower an overall sense of purpose to our community by eliminating homelessness.

We commit to respecting our clients for who they are not what they have been through. We do this by having a positive living environment and non-judgemental attitudes.

We are committed to providing compassion to all of our clients who are going through one of the most challenging times in their lives.

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